Gray and rainy

Welwyn Garden City is a small idyllic village that’s more like a cute London suburb – only 30 minutes to King’s Cross by train.
D’s friend Mark and his family are a friendly bunch archicad objekte download kostenlos. I was amazed at how well behaved the teenage sons were. I guess it’s a pretty sheltered world, going to a catholic boys school and growing up in an intellectual environment, being encourage to practice a lot of instruments and do other activities fotos aus der cloud herunterladen.

England this time of year is pretty dull. It’s rained more or less the entire stay. Saturday was the worst – I was totally soaked when I went from Portobello Road to the restaurant Khan’s where I was to meet P and D microsoft word mac kostenlos downloaden. And I was early so I had to wait for quite a while in the rain before realizing there was a waiting area inside the restaurant.

We spent Saturday and most of Sunday looking at markets facebook sprachnachricht downloaden. I didn’t shop much. In a way London has lost its appeal. Most things are pretty expensive and the thrill of the new is long gone. In another way it feels a lot like home, which is good I guess free movie download op iphone.


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