Per Mosseby: The mobile revolution is happening – but not here

The first iPhone slide!

Per MossebyPer Mosseby of Pixbox says at Hubbub 07 he thinks the developing countries is where the mobile revolution will truly happen icq deutsch kostenlos herunterladen.
When mobile applications have been developed, the laptop is better than the cellphone in all aspects of the services that were going mobile. That is however changing, Per Mosseby says fifa 19 updates herunterladen.
– Things are really starting to happen. The iPhone is a small revolution in this field. This means that everyone has to think about mobility herunterladen auf youtube.
– In my eyes it all comes back to what I think is going to be the big revolution in the mobile space.
When the bottom of the pyramid population can afford cellphones – all these 4 billion people who don’t have a digital identity – there’s going to be a lot of turnover herunterladen.
– They do not have an alternative device to go back to.


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  1. November 24, 2007

    […] from Per Mosseby’s presentation. He says developing countries is where the mobile revolution will truly happen. So what will mobile content […]

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