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Agreement Between Japan And The Socialist Republic Of Vietnam For An Economic Partnership

2. The importance of the Nam Agreement is Japan`s 9th largest export partner and 10th largest import partner (2019 Trade Statistics, Ministry of Finance). JVEPA is expected to advance bilateral economic relations to a new level and the agreement will play an important role in creating a comprehensive economic partnership for Asia`s prosperity. On 28 July, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a loan agreement with the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Hanoi for a loan of up to 36.626 billion yen from Japanese ODA for the project to improve maritime security and security. Vietnam is a narrow and long country, located along a north-south axis with a long coastline. In recent years, the risk of marine accidents has increased due to (i) increased fishing and freight transport activities and (ii) an increase in natural disasters in the form of summer typhoons and tidal waves during the monsoon season. In addition, the risk of marine crime, including smuggling and piracy, is increasing. This project will provide funds to the Vietnamese Coast Guard (VCG) for the acquisition of vessels and will contribute to improved rescue operations at sea and prosecutions at sea. It will also improve freedom of navigation. The project will contribute to the achievement of goals 14 and 16 of the SDGs and to the creation of a free and open space for the Indo-Pacific. This project is subject to special economic partnership (STEP) conditions and Japanese shipbuilding technologies are used. STEP refers to specific conditions of assistance to promote the visibility of Japanese aid through the transfer of leading Japanese technology and know-how to developing countries.

The main contract is related to Japan and subcontracting is generally unrelated. As a general rule, the main contractor must be a Japanese company, an overseas subsidiary of a Japanese company or a joint venture between a Japanese company and the credit country in which the Japanese company is the first partner, although, under certain conditions, a joint venture between a Japanese company (the main partner of the joint venture) and a related company (according to the equivalency method) of a Japanese company may constitute the main contractual partner. Details of the project can be found below. Memorandum on Anti-Monopoly Cooperation between Japan`s Fair Trade Commission and the National Market Regulation Administration of the People`s Republic of China (PDF: 25KB) 1. Summary of the agreementThe JVEPA strengthens mutually beneficial economic cooperation between our two countries by facilitating the free movement of goods, services and investment. In addition, cooperative actions will be implemented to protect intellectual property rights, control anti-competitive activities, improve the business environment and cooperate through capacity building in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, trade and investment promotion, small and medium-sized enterprises. , human resources management and development, tourism, information and communications technologies, environment and transport. Agreement between the Interchange Association and the East Asian Relations Association regarding the implementation of the Competition Law Agreement between the Fair Trade Commission of Japan and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (PDF: 114KB) 3.

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