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Extension Of Meibc Main Agreement

The current MEIBC “main agreement,” which governs terms of sale in this sector and has not been extended to non-parties, expires in July 2020. We expect negotiations on this agreement to begin in February 2020. NEASA will seek a mandate from members in early 2020 to prepare for these negotiations. As always, we will vigorously encourage the interests of employers in these negotiations. If these negotiations result in an anti-trade agreement between unions and other employers, we will again fight for such an agreement to be extended to our members. “In the event of an extension of Section 32, where an agreement is negotiated and concluded by negotiators representing and employing the majority of workers under the Board`s jurisdiction, the renewal of a collective agreement is considered a reasonable and necessary mechanism for sectoral collective bargaining,” said Mr. Trentini. Both agreements have been extended to non-parties and employers are obliged to make contributions under these agreements. Therefore, the Council will ask the Minister of Labour to extend the above agreements to non-parties that will come into force from the date set by the Minister (the date of the breakdown of agreements). This date for the renewal of these agreements is not known at this time, but members can expect them to take place in November 2018. The CEO will communicate all developments to its members.

The dispute settlement agreement followed the administrative cost contract described above. However, in July 2017, NEASA became a party to a new dispute settlement agreement to allow members access to the MEIBC Dispute Resolution Centre. The new agreement required NEASA members to pay an increase in the dispute settlement tax. The extension of the old 2011 Administrative Costs Agreement replaced this new dispute settlement agreement and effectively reduced the dispute settlement tax to the 2011 rate. At present, there is no broad main agreement for NEASA members. The last extended agreement expired in 2011 and all subsequent extensions or attempts to extend were either cancelled during the review or prevented by NEASA from reaching even the Minister of Employment and Labour, the application itself having been cancelled. We believe that there is currently no chance of legitimately requesting the renewal of the main agreement that reaches the Minister of Employment and Labour without the support of NEASA. He referred to the finding of Justice John Murphy, who, on behalf of a bank full of the North Gauteng (Pretoria) High Court, had ruled against the Minister of Labour and other judges in the Free Market Foundation (FMF) 2016, that the extension of the collective agreement was legal, provided that one or more registered unions, whose members make up the majority of the union members on the bargaining council, vote in favour of the extension and that one or more registered employers` organizations whose members employ the majority of workers employed by members of the employers` organizations that are members of the Bargaining Council vote in favour of the extension.

This only reminds you of the current state of the agreements within the jurisdiction of the MEIBC. Today, a historic event is planned at MEIBC, as all parties to the Council have met, and vote on whether they support the decision to ask the Minister of Labour to extend the following agreements to non-parties/non-signatories: Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) Director of Operations Lucio Trentini said that the parties employers who support the extension of the 2017-2020 agreement represented 65% of the staff of companies registered with MEIBC, the only members of SEIFSA representing 58% of these employees.

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