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Mti Licensing Agreement

Like the theatrical license, artists need a fee for the use of their design. Logo Packs are available for purchase and are the only legal way to use the official Disney artwork created for the show. Brand policies are included in the logo so you know how to properly use the artwork to promote your show as the designer planned e.B. For more information, contact your license agent. How exactly does licensing work and what does a theatre organization commit to when it licenses an MTI musical? Seeing the name and logo of a licensing company in a program for the show I wanted to see is the extent to which I thought about this aspect of the industry. I thought that the school or the theatre had to pay for the rights to the show and that the company would also pay for the scripts and scores used by the performers. While this is true and is an integral part of the process, there is so much more to concede than trade between the producing organization and the licensing company. A theatre licensee is the administrator of a theatrical property that acts on behalf of the creators/authors of a play or musical. This means that each representation of an author`s work is performed exactly as the author intends, so that the artistic (and legal) integrity of the work is preserved and protected. As a creative man who wrote and opened up, he gave me a great sense of purpose and satisfaction, because I knew I was helping to protect another artist`s work and build a legacy by exposing it to artists and audiences around the world. Yes, yes.

By allowing the rights to a show, you pay the right to use the intellectual property created by the authors. All free or defined benefit benefits are included in the expense count. In many cases, disney can be JR. and kids shows are allowed for an affordable package that includes materials and the right to perform the show as many times as you like for a calendar year. For some price offers, talk to your licensee. An organization must obtain a video license before recording the production. Otherwise, video recording is prohibited in all circumstances. A video license allows you to film an official recording of archives or memorabilia and also parents to record a performance.

Contact your licensee for more information, including rules and restrictions. Our shows are calculated based on the capacity of your venue, the number of performances you want to present and the price of tickets.

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