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Wnba Bargaining Agreement

But travel problems are just the beginning. The average salary of an WNBA player was about $75,000 a year, which is $7.6 million less than NBA players (although men are skewed by people who make money). Although it is not close to closing the gap, the new agreement will allow the WNBA`s top players to earn more than 500,000 $US, three times more than last year. And it`s not just MVPs cashing in: for the first time in the WNBA`s history, average wages will be more than six figures – an incentive to deter athletes from going abroad in the off-season to supplement their income, a practice that Ogwumike says is “a symptom of the lack of justice and equality.” In addition, players are ready to achieve a significant reduction in broadcasting revenues. This is a potentially lucrative deal, as WNBA television audiences have increased by 64% in 2019. The W.N.B.A. will also meet with other leagues – the N.B.A. and their development league and college basketball – to promote their own players for possible coaching openings. And Engelbert said that players who trained in the N.B.A. could be paid the market rate, even if the men`s team was tied to a W.N.B.A. team. It became a problem last season, when Mystics guard Kristi Toliver, due to salary restrictions in the collective bargaining agreement expiring, could earn just $10,000 as an assistant coach for the Washington Wizards.

It`s no longer a problem,” Engelbert said. This investment in the future of women`s basketball is a major breakthrough not only for the WNBA, but also for women`s athletics in general, as other women`s professional leagues could use this agreement as a platform to revise their own collective agreements. WNBA players were one of many groups of U.S. professional athletes who have defied their leagues or governing bodies over the past two years by bowing to their previous CBA in November 2018: in March 2019, the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) sued the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) for sex-based wage discrimination. With the advent and popularity of professional leagues around the world, it is time for female athletes to receive their fair share of recognition and compensation. The league and its players` union agreed on the principle of a new collective bargaining agreement that would almost double the maximum salary and provide for paid maternity leave. Benefits of Pregnancy It was no secret that the last CBA was archaic in her language. He listed “pregnancy” as a condition (this CBA toes as the line, but we`ll get it later) and players who are pregnant during the season were only 50% of their guaranteed salary for their pregnancy leave.

This is one of the areas on which the new CBA has focused: the modern woman. This is one of the first major sports collective agreements to do so in this way. Other highlights include improving the players` experience with travel allowances and child care allowances and extended off-season career opportunities. The pioneering agreement also includes a more liberal system of free agencies and a more robust and equitable revenue-sharing model, based on the league`s revenue growth. Faced with the unpleasant prospect of playing the 2020 season without a new collective bargaining agreement, the WNBA and the Women`s National Basketball Players Association agreed on Tuesday on the principle of a new CBA that, if ratified by WNBA players and the WNBA Board of Governors, will continue until 2027. The new CBA is poised to offer great improvements in compensation and benefits for WNBA players, while league officials ensure that their players prioritize the WNBA over foreign leagues.

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