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Safety Agreement Gravity

At Gravity Etc, we take your safety seriously. However, we cannot control all risks and some activities, such as trampoline jumping, are inherently dangerous. Risks may be caused by you or your riders that we cannot always control. Our responsibility to you is:i. To create a safe place where you can have funii. To inform you of the risks associated with the use of our parksiii. In order to help you minimize the risk of damage to yourself and to all the children for whom you are responsibleThe safety agreement is an important part of this safety guarantee, as it guarantees that you: i. Understand and agree to abide by our safety rules, including following all instructions from our staff. They have agreed to ensure that all children for whom you are responsible comply with our rules tooiii.

Understand that you and all children under their care use the park at your own risk, steps have been taken to meet the standards set by the Standards Committee of the American Society for Testing and Materials (“ASTM”): as stated on its website, ASTM is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of voluntary international consensus standards for materials. Products, systems and services. Our park has been developed taking into account trampoline safety standards. See the URL for details of the developed standards: www.astm.org/committee/f24.htm Welcome to Gravity. A trampoline park that understands both the needs of teachers and children and offers an easy-to-understand, fun and safe teaching program. Each meeting at Gravity Norwich is led by an experienced superior, trained in first aid, who has the means to promote abilities, increase endurance and build self-confidence. We engage with children from the age of five to offer a unique experience! HIS EXERCISE IN DISGUISE. Whether it`s a one-hour “reward” bounce or a weekly program featuring another sports lesson, Gravity Norwich has the skills to achieve your learning goals as part of the national curriculum. Classes last up to an hour depending on the package, and students will certainly be excited, vigilant and want more.

A separate written portion of the lesson can be provided – and if it`s lunchtime, you and your group have access to Gravity`s. These bespoke sessions have a number of benefits for you and your students and help them develop, learn and have fun while staying fit! If you would like to know more, please call us on 0330 159 5815 You must follow all the instructions displayed on the safety signs of the GRAVITY installation. Also, you need to follow all the instructions of a member of the jump gravity team.

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