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Shared Care Agreement Derbyshire

When we are contacted by a request to transfer our data, we will very carefully consider any request in which the data is shared with other people outside the trust. We look forward to your feedback on our existing policies and ideas for the future. E-Mail-dhft.sharedcarepathology@nhs.net. The data sharing agreement must be approved by the Data Security Committee (DS&P). No data exchange can take place without this agreement. Unlike clinical audits or research, a performance evaluation is carried out exclusively to define or evaluate the current offer or provision of services. It answers the question “What is the level of this service?” Board has heard of a project to improve the care record for all JUCD partners in Derbyshire. This will be managed in collaboration with the clinical community and will support the operational and tactical management of COVID-19, as the software contains specific features such as medical history, COVID 19 status and alerts. Once the ISA is agreed, the data can be shared.

The DS&P team can modify the data flow maps. The employee responsible for submitting the release agreement to the committee is responsible for signing the release agreement and must agree to the owner of the information asset. People are one of the fundamental elements of the JUCD strategy, which places greater emphasis on the development, preservation and appreciation of our people. The JUCD People and Culture Board will bring together health and care organisations and leading interest groups to support transformation ambitions and support the design of the future state of healthcare and care in Derbyshire. There are other medium- and long-term benefits that align with our previously explained ambitions for a single electronic medical record and better use of analytics for service planning and improvement. First of all, a “Proof of Concept” will be put in place, with the publication of a complete business case at JUCD in early 2021 to support the agreement on a sustainable solution. Shared guidelines are local guidelines that allow family physicians to seek prescription and follow-up of medications/treatments in primary care in consultation with the initiating specialist. .

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