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Tutor Agreement

Fees are charged at a rate of ($_________Dollar per hour). No other fees are charged for the period of travel or preparation of the tutor. Royalties may be adjusted from time to time and become effective, after ___ The waiver or declassification of any of the rights in this Agreement by a party on one occasion prevents the subsequent enforcement of those rights and is not considered a waiver of a subsequent breach of any of the Terms. Online tutoring has financial benefits for both parties. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to their subject matter and the Parties waive the right to rely on any such express or implied provisions not included therein. Any amendment to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties. The goal of a successful tutoring contract is to achieve the goals and meet the expectations of both the learner and the tutor. You will find on our website templates for independent contractors and for staff forms you will find employment contracts on our website. Note: If the student is a minor, the parent or guardian signs the agreement on behalf of the student and the student does not sign the agreement.

In addition, parents should be allowed to check the guardian`s references and accompany the child before entering into a tutoring contract on behalf of minor children. Any time lost due to the late arrival of the tutor is compensated by the extension of a lesson of mutual agreement and by the time lost. If the student is a minor, the parent/legal guardian enters into this tutoring contract on behalf of the student and accepts and accepts all the conditions contained therein on behalf of the student. Each party is responsible for its own costs related to Internet data and software/subscriptions in order to facilitate online tutoring. To do this, both private teachers and students need a clear understanding of their responsibilities and develop a relationship of mutual trust. * The student undertakes to help the tutor identify problem areas in which the student needs private lessons. While the tutor provides the student with private lessons in the following subjects: payment is made immediately after the end of a tutoring session. The whole deal.

This Agreement contains the entire agreement and understanding between the Parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes, supersedes, cancels and cancels all prior or simultaneous written or oral agreements, understandings, obligations and practices between them that comply with the subject matter of this Agreement, including all prior agreements, if any, concluded between Wyzant and Independent Tutor, and have neither more strength nor effect. * The tutor may not assign any of his obligations or obligations arising from this tutoring contract to third parties without the written permission of the student. Fees are charged at a rate of ($_________Dollar per hour). .

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