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Giving this Friday Four thing a shot

• October 9, 2004 • Comments (0)

In Sweden there’s a tradition among bloggers to answer four questions each Friday. They are announced on this site. I thought I’d give it a try this week, though I’ll translate the questions into English so they’ll fit here. 1. Have you read anything by this year’s Nobel laureate in literature, Elfriede Jelinek? No, I […]

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The Shopper

• August 25, 2002 • Comments (0)

Okay. So I need to stop buying stuff. Or to learn how to throw away things. My apartment is getting so crowded that I have had serious plans of moving to something bigger. But shouldn’t two rooms be enough for one person? Today I went to look at a 3 room apartment here in Stureby. […]

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• April 29, 2002 • Comments (0)

Camden Market today. I was a bit worried that K wouldn’t be able to take my going into every shop, browsing through clothes racks, looking at odd stuff. But it turned out that he liked the market. Maybe not the clothes – apart from him buying 10 ties(!) – but the gadgets. :-) I ended […]

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Big book sale

• February 21, 2001 • Comments (0)

It’s been many days since I last wrote, but I haven’t been as idle as it may seem. I’ve started to write a â€?surf diaryâ€? at Aftonbladet. In Swedish, of course. It’s a new experience writing a diary-like page in Swedish, but I like it. Hopefully it will improve my neglected Swedish writing, too. The […]

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