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Isle of Skye

• July 24, 2000 • Comments (0)

Today we’ve walked aproximately 10 km, trying to find a crafts shop for A. here on Isle of Skye where we arrived by bus from Kyle of Lochalsh this morning (beautiful journey from Inverness!). When we finally found it, in the middle of nowhere, it turned out to be a private residence where this lady […]

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Saying hi to Nessie

• July 23, 2000 • Comments (0)

The sunshine which has lasted for a week turned into cloudy skies and a light rain on the one day when we wished for nice weather. We’re going on a bus tour of Loch Ness, “The Loch Ness Monster Tour”, with Guide Friday. Saying hi to Nessie, of course, but also visiting the official Loch […]

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• July 22, 2000 • Comments (0)

Another day’s walking yesterday. Aberdeen is a grey and cosy town, very clean and modern, yet with a lot of old and rather beautiful buildings. We had afternoon tea at Littlewoods before commencing our long walk to the old parts of town, checking out the university buildings and a couple of cathedrals. We found our […]

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• July 21, 2000 • Comments (0)

A two days’ stay in Edinburgh has now come to an end. We stayed at a nice hostel, Pleasance, with separate rooms in a six bedroom flat. It’s a college turned into hostel in the summer. Yesterday, we visited the castle, which turned out to be much bigger inside than it looked from the outside. […]

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Bus tours and foot ache

• July 18, 2000 • Comments (0)

An okay breakfast this morning, though had we known it was our last night at that hotel we would probably have enjoyed it more. It was when we were heading out and went to prolong out stay that they told us that they were full for tonight. Quick change of plans and our backpacks tucked […]

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York and Whitb…no, Glasgow!

• July 17, 2000 • Comments (0)

We decided to skip breakfast at our Bloomsbury hostel and took a walk to Kings Cross where we got our flexipasses dated for validity and got on the 8.30 express to York. A couple of hours later we got off and dumped our backpacks in the luggage storage. A. wanted to find a special store […]

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• July 16, 2000 • Comments (0)

Good things and bad things. Good things first: we’re in London. Then, bad things… When we got to Tent City in Hackney, after having spent what seemed like an eternity trying to get there, we decided against it. The tents looked very worn and dirty, and they didn’t supply any bed linnen. We were supposed […]

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• July 15, 2000 • Comments (0)

I’ve spent a couple of days in Värmland, visiting Sofie and going to an open stage café in Karlstad, at Café August, with her and Mattias. And yes.. we did go on stage, though it felt completely different from the stages in Stockholm. For one thing, it was outdoors, bright and sunny and people were […]

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Protected: Malta again :)

• May 28, 2000 • Comments (0)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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