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Bonduelle Collective Agreement

They were not responsible for negotiating the new EWC Agreement. Instead, a special negotiating body was created under Article 13 of the EU Directive, thus ending the legal status of a “voluntary” agreement. As before, Holcim is subject to Belgian jurisdiction. For GeoPost, an international framework agreement was signed on 14 March 2017 at the Paris headquarters. The parcel service is owned by Swiss Post and took over the German Parcel Service (DPD) in 2001. GeoPost was the first courier, express and parcel company to agree with trade unions on cross-border labour and social policy standards as early as 2005. At that time, the agreement was negotiated by the German trade union ver.di with Swiss and French trade unions. Today, the Trade Union Confederation of the Service Sector (UNI) is a contracting party. .

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