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Cohabitation Agreement Bc

No no. There is no legal requirement that you have a marriage contract if you plan to marry someone. (Or a concubine agreement if you plan to live with someone.) They cannot be forced to sign one. A court can overturn an agreement that pushed you. Finally, a good concubine contract should define what happens when the parties get married. The agreement could remain in effect after the marriage, stop when the parties are married, or be reviewed and revised by the parties at the time of marriage. In any case, the prospect of a marriage and its impact on the concubine agreement should be dealt with in one way or another. There are a large number of other factors to consider before entering into BC marriage contracts. Contact us to help you with your BC marriage contract, which may save you property in the future. These types of agreements can also cover what will happen during their relationship. Learn more about these agreements. Whether or not a lawyer writes the agreement, you should meet with a family lawyer for advice and to make sure you understand your rights and duties.

Some lawyers offer unbundled legal services. This is when a lawyer handles parts of your case without taking care of the whole. Such a lawyer may review a draft of your agreement. You can explain the impact of the agreement on your rights and obligations before signing them. If you want your concubine agreement to be judged, you will need a family lawyer who can tailor it to your specific needs. .

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