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Fair use, tweets and screenshots

• February 11, 2013 • Comments (0)

A strange and interesting case concerning fair use/fair dealing has played out over the last few days at TechDirt, a group blog that’s been around since 1997 and that has a large online community. A Wall Street journalist claimed that her public tweets were not “publishable”, and threatened to sue if someone published them. She […]

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Good use of microblogging in journalism – give us more examples!

• November 28, 2008 • Comments (1)

Whether status updates on social media sites should count as microblogging or not, the walled garden that Facebook still is to a large extent, makes status updates if not useless from a publishing perspective then atleast difficult to accommodate as they are on an open to all site. The same goes for users whose updates […]

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Are status updates on social media sites a form of microblogging?

• November 27, 2008 • Comments (8)

Microblogging services like Jaiku or Twitter, which recently passed its 1 billionth tweet (via Media Culpa), are immensely popular, and some even say they’ll completely take over from regular blogs. But what is the definition of a microblogging service? Does it need to be focused/dedicated to microblogging, or can it be a social media site […]

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