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A House of One’s Own

Almost a century ago, Virginia Woolf pointed out that for a woman to write, and write well, she needs a steady income, time on her hands and a room of her own. One might...

Work update: A chapter for a book 0

Work update: A chapter for a book

I’ve written a chapter for a book that is to be published by the Swedish union of journalists, SJF. It’s about the future of journalism and my part is about participatory journalism and citizen...

Writing week at Fridhem 0

Writing week at Fridhem

I’m back at Fridhem and it’s great. There’s a special atmosphere at this school. It breathes creativity. This year I’ll take the short story writing class for Jan Sigurd. I am looking forward to...

Brand new issue of Frostwriting! 0

Brand new issue of Frostwriting!

The new issue of Frostwriting is out. is one of the few places where you can read original texts (prose, poetry etc) by Swedes (or people connected to Sweden) written in English. It’s...

Kalle Warhol 3

Kalle Warhol

I made an Andy Warhol style picture of K, and today I finally got around to framing it, along with some other photo enlargements and postcards. The walls are a bit less empty, and...

The Good Tea House 0

The Good Tea House

yogi tea with “slight euphoric effects” crystalized ginger in a small cup milk and honey on the side to warm my frozen limbs after walking with angels in the snow up streets, down streets...

At a cafe in Český Krumlov 0

At a cafe in Český Krumlov

I trace the ceramic leaves with my fingers hang on to the edge of the table sway with the Christmas tune playing in harmony with the snow outside though not with the month piano...

"It's snowing!" 0

"It's snowing!"

the first flakes of snow this year came in a country far south late night moletin smiles “it’s snowing!” then more snow and wind no view in the morning just white

Tour of Krumlov 0

Tour of Krumlov

Waking up to a storm of hail where used to be green meadows and off on a safari bus bump bump bump aahs and oohs in Krumlov world heritage all around angels on poles...

Bokmässan och Ingur 0

Bokmässan och Ingur

Nu närmar det sig! I morgon efter jobbet bär det av mot Göteborg och bokmässan. Det är första gången jag går på Bok- och Biblioteksmässan och jag ser verkligen fram emot det. På fredag...

Arkansas car ride 0

Arkansas car ride

summer in spring and the roller coaster ride of Plum Hollow road cardinals brightening the day like stoplights and we go on through the gates and out into lush nowhere Arkansas 50 mph zigzagging...