“The biggest shift of power in world history”

Above you can find a vlog clip (7 min 55 seconds) from this weekend’s Nätrot seminar (net root) in Stockholm with key speaker Joe Trippi chrome downloaden ipad. Trippi was the campaign manager for Democrat Howard Dean in the 2004 election, and revolutionized the way a presidential candidate can use the internet to reach the masses, and to create a two-way communication which is very powerful itunes apps. Trippi speaks of the net root-based campaign and everything that’s going on right now as a shift of power, from top-down to bottom-up, and he claims it to be the biggest shift in power in world history herunterladen.

Here you can download an mp3 file of Trippi’s speach and some of the following debate (1 h 17 min, 72MB) sbs 2011 zertifikat herunterladen. The audio starts right after Trippi has started off his speach by playing this cartoon (“This land”) from JibJab fritz remote access.

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20061125: Post updated with the vlog clip linking to YouTube


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