Writing week at Fridhem

I’m back at Fridhem and it’s great. There’s a special atmosphere at this school lieder frei herunterladen. It breathes creativity.
This year I’ll take the short story writing class for Jan Sigurd. I am looking forward to it, yet dreading it a bit zip app download. I haven’t done any creative writing in a long time. Hope I’ll feel inspired.

I went to Västerås yesterday, where Marina picked me up at the station download insta video. She is also taking a class at Fridhem, in stand up comedy. In her car she had a cute little kitten which we were to drop off near Jönköping. He meowed almost all the way there silvester video for free 2020. Poor thing.

We arrived in Svalöv at 22.58. Check-in closed at 23.00. Plenty of time… : )

I’m happy I got a room with a shower and loo, not having to go out in the corridor fluch der karibik herunterladen. Now we’ve got a break after breakfast before gathering and meeing our classmates for this week. Anticipation is in the air.


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