Honeymooning ;)

Today we left the beautiful Quebec city, which was a lot like Nice, and headed for Ottawa. The weather here shifts a lot. In the morning we had sunshine and when I took a short walk to get a nice photo of Hotel Frontenac it was so nice in the old town. Lots of people and street artists. It made me feel bad about sitting in a car all day. But once I got back to the hotel it started raining, and it rained quite heavily for most of our trip. Then once we reached D’s cousin Nancy’s house it was clearing up, and now we have a beautiful evening.
But I’m spending it at Holiday Inn, where we are staying for the night. They have free Internet access, so I can finally catch up on some texts on Sklommon, and read my mail. :-)

The wedding was beautiful. The way they combined the anglican traditions with hindi wedding traditions worked out nicely. I liked the seven steps and especially the shower of blessings, when the bride and the groom sit facing eachother and they have a big bowl of rice between them. Then they pour rice on eachothers heads until the bowl is empty.

I stayed at a really nice B&B near Troy for the wedding days. One day P and her friend Padma with husband Raj stayed there as well. The place is called Weekswood, and the Weeks family who owns it are interesting people.
One day their dog Emma took me for a walk on the premises. She showed me a rabbits’ nest. The rabbit babies were so small! I felt bad when the dog took one of them in their mouth, though.

After the wedding I’ve joined P&D on their honeymoon. The first couple of days some other friends of theirs also joined them. Nice people. We went to Niagara on the Lake and Niagara falls. The boatride to the falls, called the Maid of the Mist, was a lot of fun. We got soaked. :)

After that we have visited one of D’s sisters, been in Montreal for two days and then the two days in Quebec city. Tomorrow we are leaving for D’s mother’s place. It’s a busy schedule and you get tired from going around that much, but it is also really great to get to see a lot of different places and meet a lot of people.


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