Dancing dogs and party frogs

A cat rolling a cart with a dog in, a parrot linedancer, a pig basketballplayer, a naughty dog letting a hen dance on his back, and a good dog skipping rope. Take all that and you’ve got Bodil’s mini circus, which Tiger, Marina and I watched at Husdjursmässan in Sollentuna yesterday. [ video ]
Also there was a cat exhibition and a lot of uncommon and more everyday animals.

New Year’s was spent at Torkel’s as usual. I had a good time. Apart from the usual crowd, Gitta came along. Lots of nice asian food and bubbly wine.
Some wisdom shared during the evening:
Shania Twain can’t be country, since you don’t get sick listening to her.
Pontus is easy to deal with, since he’s part man, part woman.


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