Making the renaissance look like the Dark Ages

Take a look at this guy. His name is Zak George, a 28 year old dog trainer who travels around the States and performs with his dogs, who’s learnt to catch frisbees. And, he’s got some pretty good questions for the YouTube community.

The Internet and YouTube in general are really gonna make the renaissance look like the Dark Ages. That’s the era that we’re in right now.
I’d like to know where you see the future YouTube going and how it’s going to impact the world globally.
Why do you tube?

Not everyone seems to take him seriously though, judging from a majority of the 3000+ comments his video has got. But there are people taking him seriously enough. There are 20 video replies, and a discussion – and quite a bit of ridiculing – going on over at YouTube.

On the same theme, Stephanie Kinnear at Pasadena weekly writes:

We are entering a new era of citizen involvement. Think of it as a high-tech Neighborhood Watch. Kids with obscenely expensive cell phones are looking out for the little guy, and that’s a good thing.

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