First tooth

Linus on our bed

I just noticed Linus’ first tooth is breaking through. He bit my finger gently and there was something sharp there. It’s to his right in the lower jaw. No wonder he’s been a little cranky the last couple of days!

Today K joined me at Kulté since he’s got the week off over Easter. As always Linus is in a good mood when he meets other babies. Though he’s a bit pushy at times – today I think he hurt Samuel as he wanted to touch his head. Need to trim his nails.

Mom is living with us at the moment while undergoing radiation therapy. Linus likes having his granny around, and she enjoys him too.

Monday Linus met his uncle Kurt for the first time. Me, K and Irmgard went to Arlanda to have coffee with him while he was in transit. Here’s how the meeting went:


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3 Responses

  1. marg hancock says:

    Hi Lotta,

    Great picture of Linus – he looks rosy and impish. I hope your mother is doing well; please say hello from me. Congratulations on the book publication coming up.


  2. Sigrinn says:

    Omg så han har växt! Det är bara ögonen jag känner igen honom på…

  3. L. says:

    Marg, thanks! Hope all is well with you. Mom sends her greetings. She’s doing okay during the circumstances and is enjoying her grandson a lot.

    Sigrinn – jupp, stora killen! Det blev stor skillnad när han lärde sig att sitta på egen hand. Och han är väldigt aktiv och uppmärksam på allt i omgivningen.

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