Google's masterplan…?

• February 6, 2007 • Comments (1)

You hardly have to believe in conspiracy theories to worry just a bit about the power of Google. There was an interesting documentary on SVT about the company a few days ago, in part questioning if they really live by the “do no evil” motto.
Today I found the Masterplan, a cool and exceptionally well done video clip about Google’s power and possible threats to our privacy. Check it out.

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  1. Il piano definitivo di Google?…

    Oggi sono capitato sul blog di Lotta (che si scrive con due T, non una), una giornalista/scrittrice/web author svedese.
    Leggendo gli articoli in inglese (vedrò di fare un corso accellerato di svedese) sono incappato in “The Google Masterplan&#82…

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