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Brazilian student fined for online abuse on Orkut

• May 16, 2007 • Comments (1)
Brazilian student fined for online abuse on Orkut

This is a guest post by Gitta Wilén, Scriptwriter for interactive Media at Houdini web agency. A college student in Brazil has been condemned to pay 3 500 reails (about 1 700 US dollars) for abusing a fellow student at the online community Orkut. Globo.com reports about a student that had created a community at […]

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Verdens Gang: Online edition larger than the paper

• April 27, 2007 • Comments (1)
Verdens Gang: Online edition larger than the paper

More people now read the Norwegian daily Verdens Gang on the net than read the paper edition, according to TNS Gallup. – It’s a milestone, says VG Nett editor Torry Pedersen to in an interview. VG Nett is now the largest news source in Norway. I think part of the success comes from VG’s strong […]

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OhMyNews goes 2.0

• April 13, 2007 • Comments (1)

Next month the ground-breaking South Korean citizen media site OhMyNews will relaunch as “OhMyNews 2.0”. The new site’s aspiration is to attract 100 000 volunteering contributors (today: 43 000) within the next three years, writes Dagens Medier.

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Twittervision – see the world twitter

• March 20, 2007 • Comments (2)
Twittervision - see the world twitter

A lot of Twitter mashups have popped up lately. The latest that I’ve tried out is Twittervision, a live world view where twits show in real time. It’s rather addictive watching people’s actions described all over the globe. I’m still pretty hooked on Twitter, and I like that they keep developing the service. Though the […]

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Citizen journalists banned from video reporting of violence in France

• March 7, 2007 • Comments (2)

In France, neither filming nor broadcasting violent content is allowed for anyone else than professional journalists. This is the result of a law that’s recently been approved by the French Constitutional Council, writes InfoWorld. This disturbing news has met with outrage from bloggers and anyone concerned about free speech. The fact that the decision was […]

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Brazil's no. 1 online newspaper – and its bloggers | Guest post by Birgitta Wilén

• March 2, 2007 • Comments (3)
Brazil's no. 1 online newspaper - and its bloggers | Guest post by Birgitta Wilén

Birgitta Wilén visits Folha Online in São Paulo, finds out about how they work with blogs, and ends up eating and talking about great food. I enjoyed reading Birgitta’s story and invited her to publish a guest post here at Citizen Media Watch. Folha Online is the most important online newspaper in Brazil and the […]

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Baiduer launches English language version of blog

• February 13, 2007 • Comments (1)

Baiduer, a blog focused on immensely popular Chinese search engine Baidu, is now available in English. Since December, Baidu also has a blog search engine, so Baiduer could potentially become a good source for news about the Chinese blogosphere.

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"20 million editors" became 400

• February 1, 2007 • Comments (1)

Netzeitung, an online newspaper in Germany, started its citizen journalsim project “The Readers Edition” in June 2006. When announcing the project, they called out for “20 million editors”. What they got was around 400 regulars. Which is probably for the better – with 20 million people the content would be much harder to grasp. The […]

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"Gatekeeping is over" – new wiki enables anonymous leaks

• January 7, 2007 • Comments (2)
"Gatekeeping is over" - new wiki enables anonymous leaks

A new wiki is being set up by Chinese dissidents in collaboration with mathematicians and startup company technologists, from the US, Taiwan, Europe, Australia and South Africa. WikiLeaks will become “an uncensorable version of wikipedia”, according to the site. The objective is to provide a place where people in oppressed regimes can leak documents without […]

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Mashups as a journalistic – and political – tool: Tunisia example

• December 24, 2006 • Comments (0)

The Tunisian Prison map is a great example of how you can use mashups as a base for journalism or political lobbying. Based on a google map, Sami Ben Gharbia has pinpointed Tunisian prisons and shows information about prisoners and what crimes they are convicted of. If you click on one of the pointers, you […]

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The Lebanese ambulance attack and trust in citizen – and established – media

• December 21, 2006 • Comments (5)

In August, a friend pointed me to the Red Cross Ambulance Incident fraud report at Zombietime. Today I read Ethan Zuckerman‘s recent post about the story. In short, two Lebanese Red Cross ambulances were reported to have been attacked by Israeli forces on July 23. The fraud report claims that this never happened, and offers […]

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20 million bloggers in China

• December 8, 2006 • Comments (0)

The Chinese blogosphere is growing. A recent report states that there were 19.87 bloggers in China on Nov. 6, an increase by 24 percent in a year. Every blogger has 2,6 blogs on average, making the total 52,3 million blogs in China. The report is only available in Chinese, but there’s a summary at the […]

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