Time flies

I’d like to have a parallell life. One where I could do all the working, so that I could devote this one to having fun. There just seems there isn’t enough time to do both. :-/

Yesterday I went to a party at Frida’s and Christoffer’s new place. Nice apt, nice people. Me and the girls from work quickly occupied the couch – there wasn’t that many places to sit. :-)

Last Wednesday I had lunch with a lot of ppl from Trafik at TGIF’s. [ check out the photos! ] It’s always an interesting experience to get faces to match with names and email addresses.
In the evening I was supposed to go to a party at Mango, where Aftonbladet Resor celebrated 1 million downloads of the travel guides. But when I got home from the lunch Frida phoned, telling me that we – the whole New Media department had recieved Stora Journalistpriset (a big media award). So the evening got split up into two parties – first the travel guide party at Mango, then a celebration party at Riche. A really nice evening. And I tried oysters for the first time (yuk!!). [ Photos!! ]

I watched Magnolia with U. the other day. Sofie had recommended it, and rightly so. Good movie.


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