I’ve been experimenting with Indian cooking today. Mother and I went to the Asian & African food store Taj Mahal (Kammakargatan) this afternoon, a bunch of printouts from Sanjeevkapoor in my hand, shopping lentils, gram, garam masala powder and other ingredients. They didn’t have any garlic ginger paste, so I bought some ordinary chopped garlic and a can of green ginger at Åhléns, where we also shopped tomatoes, onions and other stuff to go in our dal fry. [ recipe! ]
It took a _long_ time to cook, but the result was just perfect. And a lot of food to put in the freezer. :-) Tomorrow I’m making a dal makhani, I just need to buy some cream and some more tomatoes first. :-)

Yesterday Bob came to Aftonbladet to give a couple of lectures. The first one was for all of the New Media department. I introduced myself to him, since I missed him in Tucson and we’ve never got a chance to say hi. Again he told me how he liked my photo section. Then during the lecture he brought it up again, telling all of the dept. how he sends his photographers there. I even think he used the word genious. :-)
It made me feel really good. I’ve been keeping a rather low profile lately, thinking my work doesn’t really pay off and no one listens to my ideas (no one gets it… kind of feeling), so it was so nice to get some credit for something, even if it wasn’t Aftonbladet work.

I might be going to Malta again in February. I don’t really have the money… but I want to!


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