Today has been an efficient day. You know, one of those days when work is smoothe and things go your way. One of those very rare days. :-)
Yesterday evening I had dinner with Marina and Eva at Friday’s then went to Eter bar at Sturecompagniet.
The presentation sucked (wrote about that in the surf diary, btw), and we didn’t know a lot of people, so it was an early night. Quite nice to get home and work on the income tax declaration. I think I have figured some stuff out now. When I started to have a look at it I was terrified because I didn’t understand anything. It is the first time I’m not using the simplified declaration form.

Next week I’ll work as evening editor a couple of days. It’s been a while, so I’m not quite sure I’ll remember all the tasks. Then I’ll fill in for Dino on the day shift at the news desk for a couple of days. A lot of work for a girl used to only working 15 hours a week. :-)
But I need to get used to it – from June 1 it’s full time work for me again.

Guess I should write something about WhyNot…. It was nice and interesting. I liked Peo Gomes’ and Horatius’ lectures the best. The Thursday evening dinner was really good – elk and reindeer tacos. Though U and I were still feeling a little ill, so we didn’t have the energy to party all night. Unlike some… :-)


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