Today's special: McHair

Janne at work found a surprising ingredient in his McDonald’s french fries. A short, curly hair. Dark and rather thick. He was so revolted that he felt sick. I wouldn’t have wanted to finish it either. My imagination is a bit too vivid for that – I couldn’t help thinking of how it might have got there.

Last day of the work shift today, and I’m feeling a little ill. Throat ache and exhaustion. Isn’t it typical?

You find the weirdest sites when looking for information about the war.
How about – a site where you can buy jail products such as restraint beds, protective face masks, modular holding cells, transport chains, jail cell equipment and inmate uniforms. Who knows when things like that might come in handy.
If you want a real war experience you can contact Team Delta. For those who want “to learn just how much they can handle and how well they handle it”.


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