It’s Sunday and most of the stores here on Sicily are closed, so mother and I, who are here for a week’s vacation, are taking it easy today. I started the day off with taking a bath in the hotel swimming pool. But I got restless and went for a walk on my own. I think I walked for about two hours, because when I got back I was quite exhausted. :-)

I’m not going to re-tell what we have been up to during this trip. I’ll publish the photos, and I think they will tell enough, along with the texts in connection to them. We got here Wednesday and found out that we’re to stay in Giardini-Naxos, close to Taormina, and we’re going back home on Wednesday morning. That leaves us two more days to explore Sicily. Tomorrow we’re planning to go to Syracuse, further south. Tiina’s told me about this place, and I expect it to be a nice visit.

My feet ache from all the walking – we’ve been quite busy so far. :-) But also we’ve had time to take a bath in the Mediterranean and eat good food, drink good wine and just relax. What else can you ask of a vacation? :-)

Where I sit, outside our hotel apartment, there is a small wall. A lizzard is climbing around on it. So cute. They are very quick to disappear if they get scared, so I’ll try to be quite still.

I got a nice and unexpected sms today. I won’t read too much into it, but it made me very happy.


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