One unhappy cat

Minor‘s stitches were removed today. The vet said things looked good. But now the poor thing needs to wear her plastic collar again. She looks miserable.

I worry a bit about her fur. She seems to have lost weight over the past couple of months, and her fur is not as thick as before. At Bagarmossen’s animal hospital they told me to try Eukanuba food, so I guess I’ll go for that when the bag of Hill’s is empty.

At work today there was total chaos. Someone had forgotten to mention that Jocke is on vacation next week, and I would have to take his shift. Dino volunteered for two of the days, but still it’s annoying. Getting up at 6 is bad enough. Now I have two days of getting up at 5 am and coming back home past 5 pm. I really could have done without that.

I’m hoping for a calm and relaxing weekend. Perhaps a trip to Ikea, perhaps meeting Helena and Tiina for coffee, but apart from that just taking it easy. It would be a nice difference.


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