Barcelona, here I come

The bag is packed, my mp3 player filled with a Spanish language course, some last minute problems with the apartment we’re renting in Barcelona are hopefully sorted out, and less than five hours remain before my alarm goes off and the taxi takes me to the airport bus. Early mornings are of course the price you pay for finding a return trip Stockholm-Barcelona for SEK 350 (33 euros or something like that).

It’s my first time in Barcelona and I’m all excited. I hope to do some shopping, eat good food, see interesting sights, take good photos and have a good time with Gitta, Anna and Cecilia. It’ll be fun.
On my return I need to go straigth from Skavsta to Arlanda, take a plane to Östersund where a taxi is waiting for me to take me to Åre. Bad planning. I didn’t know it was the same week as a work conference, or I would have booked the Barcelona trip for next week. Oh well.


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