Crony meeting and Rappaport evening

Four from the Stockholm bunch met for a short crony meeting at Mosebacke tonight. Gitta joined in for the first time. We did a couple of quick workshops, which was good. I felt I got some flow back.
The food was excellent, which was great, too. Then just Helena and I stayed for the performance.

…and Stephen, tonight, he made my day
singing a song about Ella Rae
and the light that shone from his eyes
shone right through any brave disguise
and out into the room
He had us in his loom
with his Ella Rae
Star child on stage
in the centre
from the start
that’s how you capture
the heart of an audience at night
and Stephen did it right

The faces shone back without knowing
the whole place solemnly glowing
of the miracle reflected, the one that’s most neglected
in every day’s strife
it’s the miracle of life


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