Book festival

I am having coffee at Starbucks in Trump Tower, after having spent a couple of hours on 5th Ave browsing through the book stalls at the â€?New York Is Book Countryâ€? festival. Everyone from small press to Barnes & Noble are represented. But I didn’t buy anything. Got some freebes though. :)

Yesterday I had brunch with Anders, Pontus and Virginie at the Blue Water Grill by Union Square. Kinda expensive, but my food was good. It was nice to get to meet Virginie, Pontus’ wife. In the evening I got invited to their place on upper west side. They live on the 36th floor, and the view is just amazing. It was a bit scary to go out on the balcony though.
We had a nice relaxed evening with good wine and cheese. All of us were a bit tired. The previous evening me, Pontus, Anders and a few of Anders’ friends met at his place, had some wine and finally ended up at KGB bar – the original that KGB in Stockholm is inspired by. I must say that Hokan’s done a great job. I prefer the copy.
Nevertheless, I had a good time. The evening ended with dead expensive pizza at 4am, and then some icecream when we got home.

Some pics from the KGB evening.


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