Sunny Seattle(!)

Seattle is treating me to very un-Seattle-like weather. Sunshine and 25 degrees Celsius. It’s been sunny all the time on this trip so far.
I like this city. It has a small town feel to it sometimes, yet is very big. It must be a shopper’s mecca – so many little shops and boutiques with rare and interesting garments, art, design, toys, paper items, carved wood figurines, books, books, books. The latter is all I am buying. Yesterday I went to Elliot Bay bookstore, the famous old Seattle bookstore with wooden shelves, floors, strairs, going every which way. I spent a long time in there, and will be back. Seattle is the home of coffee, and the basement coffee place looked like a nice place for writing. Like almost all bookstores in this country it’s open late. Lovely.
I miss so much of what’s natural here at home.

So far I haven’t talked much to V, which feels kinda absurd since we haven’t seen eachother in five years. But he’s really busy at work, so I have the days and most of the evenings to myself. He had a couple of friends over last night. None of them seems to know much of this city. It is strange how you can live in a place and not really know it.
Today I will have to find a good map and a notebook. I spent all yesterday looking for a Seattle guidebook, but the ones I found were either too old or looked uninteresting. So I’ll skip that and just buy a map so that I can find my way.

Tonight I’m going to a slam at the Bad Juju Lounge. It will be nice to see some people. I just hope for the same great atmosphere that I found at the Bowery.


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