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It's starting to look like a home

I’ve slept two nights in the new apartment now. It’s BIG and small at the same time. I look at all the space and think it’s marvelous, and then I look at all the boxes still piled on eachother in the library and on the second floor, and wonder where it will all go.
Moving was hard work, but went rather swiftly thanks to Erik, Nicke, Monica, Gitta, 202 and Benny. They all worked hard. I think I had over 50 boxes in my apartment alone, a lot of furniture, and then it was K’s apartment as well.
We had rented a big van (22 cubic meters) and then we had the mini van from K’s company, Nicke’s car and Erik’s car. Still we had to go two times to my apartment. K and probably everyone else were amazed that you can gather so much stuff in 28 years. :) Well, all of it won’t go into the new apartment. Some things you grow out of. Others you might want to keep in the storage room just because you like the open space that you’re not used to.

One of the first things K did yesterday was to connect to the internet with his laptop and plug in a webcam so that the people on sklommon could watch us work. :) I still haven’t got an internet connection to my pc though, so I’m writing this in wordpad for the time being – I’ll paste it in once the wireless card is properly installed.

Outside the cherry trees are in bloom. Pink and lovely, they don’t go together at all with the surrounding red brick houses. I don’t care – they’re beautiful.

A lot of work remains. I’m glad we have today and tomorrow off.


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