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Scattered phrases

I got a new pc at work. Dvd player and all. Most of all the upgrade to Windows XP from WinNT is most welcome. And the bigger harddrive. And the sound card. And… :-)

In preparation for the computer change I went through some files on my old computer. I think I’ve had it for about five years, and it was old when I got it. :) Anyway, I saved som of the ICQ history files from my PC ICQ number, which I’ve decided not to use anymore. I couldn’t help but read some of it.
So here goes… some scattered phrases from the past five years. Some of them happy, a lot of them less so. All of them mine (I wouldn’t publish other ppl’s words without asking).

just don’t forget that people are important

Entrapment. Confusion. Unability to settle with less. Disappointments ever because I expect too much from life. People who don’t see me for what I am. Things like that.

Hmm.. the whole thing? I don’t know if I see my life as a whole thing any more…

What I’m saying is.. I don’t regret a thing. I’ve been very happy along the way.. and very sad too. But I’ve lived, and that is the main thing. Life.

I seem to be an expert at hurting people these days. I wonder how I ever got that power. :-(

Me.. I just move along one day at a time keeping the future at a safe distance.

How can I become happy on my own? If the world treats me like dirt it takes a while but in the end I become dirt.

Wilde is more funny than he is right.

All I got was “hejjjjjjjjjjjjj” and “I hate you!”…

I don’t like her, she’s so fucking perfect.

P and I discussed men the other day. We decided that it’s best to become nuns or lesbians.

There used to be a time when I went from 1 to 10 on my mood-o-meter. I almost miss that. Almost.

You take a lot of crap for a little love, that’s the problem.

My life was so much more interesting when it was full of problems. I can understand if not many people care to read this page anymore. :-)

Anybody want a Caps Lock? :-)


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