BBC hosting blogging workshops in Manchester

The BBC will arrange a blogging workshop in Manchester, as a part of the Manchester Blogging project, an interesting approach in which the BBC simply wants people to blog more, and to submit their RSS feeds so that BBC staff can keep track of them. Or, in their own words:

This project is an experiment in doing things a bit differently. Rather than building platforms, we want to help people create their own stuff on existing third party (non-BBC) platforms. Instead of contributors sending us content members of staff here at the BBC sifting through that content in a bid to find the good bits, we’re simply going to ask contributors to tell us where they’re publishing their content online and we’ll keep an eye on it. The BBC won’t claim any rights over the content and won’t own anything.

The workshop aims at getting more people blogging, going through the basic stuff like where and how to set up a blog, syndication etc, but also blogging with a certain responsibility:

we’ll talk participants through the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines and talk about about the BBC’s production values

As online news, and citizen journalism in particular, gets more and more local, BBC is sure on the right track. I like their approach, and I’m sure we’ll see similar projects in other UK cities in the near future.



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