A look at Trig.com, and the possible fall of Lunarstorm

Swedish youth community site Lunarstorm is losing traffic (thanks Beta Alfa) – the number of visits are down since spring this year (though Lunarstorm denies they have a crisis). They have also lost some important people, like former CEO Hans Eriksson who have moved on to develop a new community. Trig.com sets its sight on becoming the new MySpace. Its target group is music and fashion fans and creators.
Currently the site is in beta, but you can register and get an invitation to join after a few days. I’ve tried the site out and here are my immediate impressions.

I like the look and feel of the site and the logo. Also that they’ve got a limited number of skins to choose from for the profile pages, which means you can actually read all pages (as opposed to MySpace where you’d think some of the users are first time internet users, combining bright background photos with text in almost the same colours).
So far the community seems to be comprised mostly of cool twenty-somethings, many of them band members.
Update: A somewhat sloppy reading of the conditions on which you sign up for a beta profile on my part resulted in some fairly detailed descriptions of some of Trig’s features. I’ve removed them and have kept the general impressions in this post.

The site supports video in postings, and according to Ekonominyheterna, the community will have its own tv channel.
There’s not much on Trig that you cannot find on MySpace, but Trig has a nicer look and feel to it. So far, it also has the advantage of small size, but that will change.


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  1. joshua says:

    Who developed Trig.com and what technologies are they using?

  2. wilma says:

    Check this article about how the compagny is managed:


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