Newsrooms posing the wrong question?

An interesting post by Steve Yelvington highlights some of the questions newsrooms are posing – and should be posing – today. In a discussion about, among other things, open and closed systems and journalism for a new generation of non-seekers, Yelvington lands at:

Thanks to investor Bruce Sherman’s meddling in the newspaper business, suddenly America’s newsrooms are acutely aware that the world has changed, and there’s a broad debate about what it all means.

One of the recurring themes: What will be the economic foundation that will support serious professional journalism in the future?

What if that’s the wrong question?

What if the right question is: What does an open journalism company look like? How does it work? Because if traditional journalism is a closed system, it’s going to be clobbered by an “OK” open system. How can we make that open system “good enough?”

Check out the full story for the reference for “OK open systems”.


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