marries YouTube, and they're a great pair

I recently discovered, a mashup that lets you fill in your username (or someone else’s), and then watch music videos from YouTube based on your taste in music.
This is how the site presents its service: matches videos based on artist names. Besides retrieving premium music videos, this also turns up live performances, bootlegs, interviews and fan interpretations. This is unique content which would never be aired on regular music video channels.

I’m a big fan of, and while doesn’t offer any interactivity apart from a forum link to, and not even an RSS feed, it’s a great complement to Though at times it’s a bit random – I just got to watch Superman vs. Clark Kent. Sure, great fight, but .. no music! And what in my profile could have trigged that one?

Yesterday I wrote about the decline of MTV. Interestingly enough, also mentions the music channel.

We have two major complaints about traditional music video channels. MTV, to name one, spends significant parts of its airtime broadcasting regular programming. We think a music video channel should play music videos.

YouTube with its vast array of (music) videos serves as a good solution to the broadcast media problem. Your choice in videos when you want them. Having to select music videos is at the same time a major inconvenience. automates selection and provides effortless continuous play.


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