A Jungian persona definition of "old media"

The other day I wrote about Howard Owens‘ attempts to come up with a term that defines the “new” in journalism. He arrived at “personal journalism”, as opposed to “definitive-voice journalism”.
Andy Dickinson also read the posts, and suggests that rather than calling the old media-style of journalism “definitive-voice”, we should call it Persona Journalism, derived from the Jungian idea of persona.

Persona Journalism is old-school public journalism. It is written by many people, but presented in the voice of one person. That person is ‘a mask or appearance one presents to the world’. The persona will change as the situation dictates. It will present views as values, facts, fairness, truth telling and good reporting. Persona journalism reports the story, but hides who the journalists are, what drives them and what they find important.


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