In an attempt to catch up with news about citizen media, here’s a list of interesting things I would have written more in-depth on, had I had the time:

  • Of course I need to start with the Nieman report‘s winter issue, which is all about “Journalism 2.0”. Titled “Goodbye Gutenberg”, it contains a whole bunch of interesting articles. One of those is Craig “Craigslist” Newmark‘s piece on Community Building on the Web: Implications for Journalism
  • Viacom‘s demand on YouTube to remove the clips that come from its networks, including MTV and Comedy Central.
  • 28 percent of internet users tag content, according to Pew.
  • “It’s amazing how new technology can bring so many of us together”, says Hillary Clinton as she replies to viewers questions in the first of a series of video chats. Mastering social media will be a key issue in the upcoming presidential election.
  • Jeff Jarvis on Davos07:

    Perhaps the most important ‘ding’ moment I had at Davos was that the powerful are, no surprise, one step behind in their understanding of the true significance of the internet: They think it is all about individual action when, in truth, it’s about collective action. And so they don’t yet see that the internet will shift power even more than they realize.

  • David Cohn: Breakthrough ideas for 2007 — they are already here
  • Tent city citizen media – a homeless woman films police as they take away her and many other homeless people’s temporary homes. Technology as a way to fight back. (via Howard Owens)
  • Social media invade Superbowl
  • Swedish top bloggers harassed. An Aftonbladet story on bloggers Carolina Lassbo and Engla that is widely commented in the Swedish blogosphere.
  • JD Lasica on map mashups and the future of service journalism
  • An OhMyNews story on local citizen journalism in Indonesia. And JD Lasica points to a new citizen journalism initiative in India.
  • Red Herring: NY Times to post user-generated videos
  • Mathew Ingram: Should all journalists be bloggers?
  • Martin Stabe on the relationship between blogging and journalism
  • Blogumentary – an hour long video ducumentary about blogs by Chuck Olsen (via Dan Gillmor)
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