Lord of the Rings on stage

Lord of the Rings

One of the nice things K and I did in London was to watch the stage production of The Lord of the Rings at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. I was sceptical as to whether they would pull it off, transforming such a great – and looong – epic to a stage play. But… they did! It was really great. Of course K was of another opinion, so it’s not for everyone. I just really thought the scenography/decor/set design was really innovative. As we entered the theatre, we were engulfed in greenery, all growing from a huge ring on stage. That was just the start of an ever-changing stage experience. The round stage floor was made up of 17 elevators making it very flexible.
Also the effects were cool and Michael Therriault who played Gollum was very impressive. Not all characters were strong, but it didn’t lessen the experience. I also liked the massiveness of it, lots of people on stage.

Lord of the Rings


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