Nice, Monaco, Pompei…

It’s hard to summarize a week of travelling. I’ve seen so much.

Now I’m in Rome again, and will stay here until 27th so there will be plenty of time to explore all the sights. I like this place.
Today we’ve been to the Colosseum and the Spanish steps, and now I found the easyEverything internet cafe – the same chain of internet cafes that I went to in Edinburgh, so that’s really good.

We got a good deal on a hotel. It’s fairly central too. The only weird thing about it is that it’s on the fifth floor. The whole hotel, that is – even the reception.

U went home yesterday, after having spent some days with us in Nice where we visited Ping and then gone with us to Rome.

Nice was nice, though it was a little crowded in Ping’s apt – five ppl in two small rooms. On Saturday Sverre also came, but he stayed at a hotel. In the evening the six of us went to a restaurant where Sverre and I ordered couscous. But then there was some misunderstanding because the waiter brought us this huge – HUGE – bowl of couscous that was supposed to be for six ppl.

At first we didn’t understand that they had made a mistake – we just stared at the enormous portion and offered to share it with the others. So D had some too. Then after a while we thought this can’t be right, and when the owner came by we asked him if this was really for us. Then he got upset with the waiter and took him aside and yelled at him. And took the bowl away again. Apparently it was for a group of people downstairs. :-) Still we had taken quite a lot from it, so Sverre and I continued eating while we were waiting for the other guys’ food. When it came we were already full. But then they brought another big bowl of couscous for Sverre and me! We just laughed and ate and laughed. The others’ food was also a lot.
Nice evening. :-)

We also went to a really nice Indian restaurant in Nice. Indian vegetarian food is very good. I need to explore it some more.

We went to Monaco one of the days, to check out the casino, the rich people and the fancy cars. On the way back to Nice we stopped at a small village called Eze. It was very cute, and from the cactae garden you could view the coastline all the way to Nice and then some. Beautiful. Unfortunately it got really dark, so we had to leave while we could still see our feet walking.

After U had left yesterday we went to Pompei. It was really interesting. And so big – I hadn’t realised it would be such a big place. We had to hurry to see all of it before sunset. The sunset was beautiful though. Hope that it will show in my photos.
Then afterwards we had planned to go to Naples. But the traffic was so awful that finally we decided to skip it and go back to Rome that same evening.


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