Digga + Sovrat = Pusha

Two Swedish Digg clones have merged. Digga shut down earlier after pressure from Digg.com. Now it re-emerges along with competitor Sovrat, as the two sites merge under the name Pusha.se.
Here’s what the Pusha blog says (my translation):

Digga and Sovrat have been cometitors from the start in the struggle to create a Swedish equivalent to popular American site Digg. At the end of September, Digga was contacted by Digg, who asked them to change names since Digga was too similar to “Digg”. We then thought it was time to stop competing and instead merge into a strong and unified site.

Pusha will use the same technology as Sovrat and the same database, so that old Sovrat members won’t notice much change. You will also recognize the design, even if we’ve made a few usability improvements.


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