X3M Radio Pleppo won the Swedish Podcast Awards

Rasmus Sellberg and Andy Nyman presenting the Swedish Podcast AwardsThe Swedish Podcast Awards were won by Finns. The overall award went to X3M Radio Pleppo. Congratulations!

The price ceremony, which was held at Podcamp Europe, was quite small, with just one of the winners present. Nevertheless it’s a really good initiative, putting focus on podcasting and the development we’re seeing in this field.

This year, two new categories were added. Best original podcast and Best amateur podcast. This is a way to balance the domination from mainstream media. Both categories were won by Disco Belle.

The other winners are:
Best music: Disco Belle
Best technology/science: The Nerd Herd
Best humor: X3M Radio Pleppo
Best culture/entertainment: DN på Stan (de enda(!) som var där för att hämta priset)
Best news, economy, society: P3 Dokumentär
Best pod tv: SVT Rapport
Best foreign podcast: Keith and the Girl

To check out all my photos from Podcamp, check out to my Podcamp Flickr set.


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