Portraits of strangers

The photography class I’m taking is quite challenging, which I guess is a good thing. The first week our assignments were to take photos of moving vehicles with different shutter speeds and then to follow their movement and see the difference. Also to try different focal lengths/aperture. Two assignments that were along the lines of what I was expecting from a class that is about learning to use your camera.

This week, however, we’ve advanced to this: Take a portrait of a stranger. Find out what his/her favorite shape is, and also favorite interest. Let the portrait show this interest. For instance, if the person likes kids, then a kindergarten class might be walking by in the background.

Okay, so from trying to figure out how to set a proper shutter speed we are now to engage perfect strangers to be our models, and then take a good portrait both in terms of composition and the technicalities. Phew.

So how did it go? Well, it took some time before I found someone I both wanted to portrait and dared to ask. Luckily, Anna and Joel came a long, a cute 14 yr old couple who were just walking around like me and didn’t mind me dragging them along to Lava, where I thought there might be a stage of some kind that might represent their great interest in music.

Here’s the result. I like how some of them turned out, even if there is of course quite a bit of room for improvement. You don’t cut people’s feet off, for one thing.

Porträtt: Joel och Anna

Porträtt: Joel och Anna

Porträtt: Anna

The second task this week was about locking the exposure, and I got to use that in the photo of Joel and Anna I took in the window at Lava too.


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