Behind the Great Firewall

It’s my first time in China and so far I’m a bit too jetlagged to enjoy it, though Shanghai seems like an interesting city. But not being able to do the everyday things like checking my Gmail account and Facebook is really annoying gratis downloaden microsoft word. I didn’t think it would be such a hindrance but it is.

Today I got a text message saying that there’s a problem with my hotel booking for our next stop, so could I please check my (g)mail as soon as possible deutsche bank photo tan app herunterladen. I had to email a friend and ask him to check my email and send it to my work email address, and couldn’t access that either for quite some time whatsapp op de computer downloaden.

Now that I’ve updated my booking the confirmation – or email saying that it’s once again failed – will go to that same gmail address herunterladen. Nothing Google works, but there are options, luckily. For search I use and anything Yahoo seems to work. But I miss my mail and Facebook and I’m losing all my Betapet games due to timeout kann keine bilder bei whatsapp downloaden. I guess I had underestimated the scope of the Great Firewall of China.


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