Big book sale

It’s been many days since I last wrote, but I haven’t been as idle as it may seem.
I’ve started to write a â€?surf diary†microsoft picture manager for free? at Aftonbladet. In Swedish, of course. It’s a new experience writing a diary-like page in Swedish, but I like it. Hopefully it will improve my neglected Swedish writing, too where to fonts.

The annual book sale started last night, and me and Uffe went to Akademibokhandeln at midnight, where we also ran in to Benny and Pawlo gratis skype downloaden op laptop. I bought a cookbook – Nya Annas mat. Then on to Bokia to shop some more. Marie Hermansson’s Musselstranden, Arto Paasilinna’s Den ljuva giftkokerskan and a couple of small travel books of Paris and Prague data becker wohnungsplaner kostenlos downloaden.

When we got home I played some SSX for an hour or so, and U played Age of Empires until 4 am. :-)

Today morning I once more headed for the book stores, this time NK’s bookstore where I met mother and bought some English books:
Zlata’s diary, A child’s life in Sarajevo – a modern Anne Frank herunterladen?
Reading in the dark by Seamus Deane – another great Irish tale which got good reviews at
Fugue by Olive Moore – I bought the book because of the beautiful cover and because I read on the back that she had been compared to Virginia Woolf Download youtube downloader for free. It wasn’t until later that I saw that she actually was a member of the Bloomsbury group. Isn’t it fascinating how you end up at certain places/encounter certain people/stories over and over in your life videos youtube ipad?
World Food Caf̩ by Chris & Carolyn Caldicott Рa beautiful cook book with photos, stories and recipes from around the world amazon music unlimited herunterladen kosten. The best buy by far!
Disco 2000, edited by Sarah Champion – 19 short stories from the last hours of 1999.
Disco Biscuits, edited by Sarah Champion – â€?New fiction from the chemical generation†download the klavier app?

We went for a coffee and a biscotti at the new Wayne’s at Drottninggatan. Then a couple of more book stores. I bought the first Harry Potter book app downloaden voor gmail. I figured it must be good given the publicity it’s got.

Here are my best book tips for the sale.


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