Hectic and slow

Yes, today is Oct. 5. That means U. is coming to Stockholm tomorrow. I’ve really missed him.

I spent all of yesterday at home. No energy to do anything. Just sit in front of the computer. The nice thing about sitting at the desk in my room is that you have a good view of the parking lot behind my house. If you haven’t got anything more interesting to do you can always look at people coming and going. :-) And the cat, the big fat fighter cat that lives in one of the small houses across the road. He’s funny because he always goes the same way – across the parking lot, out of the corner of my right eye, then returns after a while and sits on the grass just below my window, then turns the left corner and slowly goes back upp the hill heading home.

Today’s best news – it looks like Milosevic has finally given up. At work we had a reporter talking with a witness on the streets of Belgrad. It’s weird how a direct link like that makes big news so much more real.

It’s been a both hectic and slow week. Can’t explain it.
Yesterday I had stomach pains that almost made me faint. Yep, I should probably go and see a doctor. Though.. today I’m okay.


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