Kvinna 2001

I feel trapped in a web of relations. Everyone I know seems to know someone else I know. There’s no one around to talk to when I’m low, since I can never be sure that what I say won’t spread to other people herunterladen. I wish I had a thick pansar and lost the ability to get hurt.

Yesterday I went to the Kvinna 2001 fashion show. Before I went there, I met Marina, Mi and Pac at Friday’s to celebrate Marina’s birthday deck sheet for free. Petra was supposed to have joined us too, but she felt ill and canceled. Then I sent an sms to my half-sister Joy, asking if she would like to come along where can I download command and conquer generals. I told her we were meeting at Friday’s, and got an sms back saying she was allready there! :-) What a coincidence.
She came along, but Mi decided to go home and sleep gratis filmen van youtube. So me, Joy and Marina went to Circus where the Kvinna 2001 was to be held. We were a little late so they were out of wine :-/ but the show was great. Such beautiful women and such beautiful underwear ebooks umsonsten. Afterwards we had a glass of wine and mingled with the rest of the crowd. I put some photos of the event here herunterladen.


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